Mobile concrete plants

The mobile concrete plants delivered by us are adapted for quick disassembly, assembly and easy transport. They are built on a steel reinforced concrete base or on a mobile superstructure. They are supplied with integrated cladding for winter operation. Due to the patented technology of the weighing Z belt conveyor, it is ranked as the most efficient machine among concrete plants. Based on the customer's requirements, we also deliver an automatically-filled aggregate storage bins that markedly decreases the operational costs of the concrete plant (no wheel loader is necessary).

We also supply mobile concrete plants with output of 100 and 130 m³/hour, which do not require a mobile superstructure, and are built and put into operation within only 8 hours. Owing to the minimum costs for the transport, assembly/disassembly, it is now possible to use the mobile concrete plants also for smaller building constructions, and this ranks among the fastest built technologies available.