Twin-shaft mixers

These are mixers with the highest efficiency of mixing: 95% of homogeneity is reached after less than 30s. Usually the mixing is carried out in two axes - concrete is moved along the horizontal axis in a circle and, at the same time, up and down. The mixing is performed especially during elevation, and therefore these mixers have the lowest wear of lining. They are determined for the manufacture of concrete for transport. The lining is made from abrasion-resistant material; the blades and arms are made from alloy grey cast-iron.

The mixers have a hydraulic outlet with the possibility of emergency manual opening of the mixer in case of the outfall of energy supply. The drive has highly efficient planet gears. They are protected by a special coupling against damage. The shafts are sealed by a special metal or rubber seal which is lubricated by an automatic lubrication system driven directly by a shaft. The complete lubrication system may also be equipped with a control system, whereby the guarantee for the mixer will be extended to 3 years. The mixer may also be equipped with an automatic washing system with pressure of wash water up to 200 bar. If the mixer is delivered including the aggregate loading skip, it is then suspended on two independent cables, by which the possibility of the skip falling is reduced to the minimum. The cables are monitored individually by terminal sensors of the cable.

It is possible to equip the mixer drive by hydrodynamic coupling or a frequency inverter.

Model 1250 1500 2000 2500 3000 3700 4500 6000
Usable volume of mixer (l) 1250 1500 2000 2500 3000 3700 4500 6000
Volume of the produced concrete (l) 800 1000 1300 1700 2000 2500 3000 4000
Time of mixing of wet mixture (s) 30 35
Time of mixing of dry mixture (s) 60
Time of discharging of wet mixture (s) 10
Time of discharging of dry mixture (s) 12
Standard size of aggregate (mm) 80 90
Maximum size of aggregate (mm) 120 150
Input of the mixer drive (kW) 1x22 1x37 2x22 2x30 2x37 2x44 2x55 2x75
Total weight of mixer (kg) 5.400 5.500 5.900 6.000 6.900 9.100 10.090 11.650