Planetary mixers

The planetary mixers are supplied above all for the manufacture of wet mixtures (production of vibration pressed concrete products), mortars and other special mixtures. The principle of the planet mixing allows complete homogenisation also for more difficult mixable materials.

The standard equipment includes highly efficient planet gears, abrasion-resistant lining and blades. The arms are protected by special abrasion-resistant rubber. The blades have a special hydrodynamic profile that lowers the wear and enhancing efficiency of mixing. The mixer is equipped with nozzles for dosage of water, which guarantee at the same time the suitable distribution of water in the mixer and continuous cleaning of mixing arms. It is possible to equip the mixer with max. three outlets, which are controlled by independent hydraulic drive with the possibility of emergency manual opening of the mixer in case of the outfall of energy supply. If the mixer is delivered, including the aggregate loading skip, it is then suspended on two independent cables, by which the possibility of the skip falling is reduced to the minimum. The cables are monitored individually by terminal sensors of the cable.

It is possible to complement the mixer drive by the hydrodynamic coupling and the aggregate loading skip drive may be equipped with a two-speed motor or a frequency inverter.

Model 450 750 1500 2500 3000
Usable volume of mixer (l) 450 750 1500 2500 3000
Volume of the produced concrete (l) 300 500 1000 1700 2000
Time of mixing (s) 30-90
Time of discharge (s) 20-30
Maximum size of aggregate (mm) 40
Input of the mixer drive (kW) 11 18.5 44 75 90
Number of mixing stars 1 2
Number of mixing blades 2 2+2
Number of side wiper blades 2 2+2
Total weight of mixer (kg) 1850 2100 5000 7200 7500