MixMobil® - a patented, fully automatic production line designed for the production and pumping of cast screed based on an anhydrite and cement binder capable of continuously producing any amount of cast screed. It is no problem for the one and only Mixmobil® to produce 100 m³ of cast screed without a single break in one day. It has its own stock of materials for laying floors in an ordinary family home.

MixMobil features

  • automatic receipt of material with a capacity of approx. 30t/h from various types of trucks into the container is carried out simultaneously with automatic production (12-14 m3/h)
  • Automatic computer-aided production, remote data transfer for further processing (production, consumption, ...), printing of delivery notes on an A4 printer
  • The patented design allows continuous production without the need to leave the construction site or use special equipment, and increases the profitability of orders
  • The need for a minimum area for continuous production without the necessity to close off the street