Control systems

We supply a decentralized control system connected with a PC, the architecture of which outclasses the classic control systems of the PLC - PC type. This significantly simplifies the cable routes and programs, and decreases the costs for servicing.

Three types of controlling are available: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. Manual control of a concrete plant is designed with a touch pad, which is used at the same time like a backup PC in case of failure of the desktop PC.

The control system may be connected to the accounting systems, laboratories, production engineer, sales department, dispatching site, etc. It involves databases of formulas of products, input materials, customers etc. It can print the Dispatch notes, Invoices and Receipts, and generates a quantity of statistical data that may be processed further according to the requirements of customers.

It is possible to extend the system at will (it works on digital net CAN bus), it can also be used for controlling two concrete plants at the same time. It may be connected to other workplaces (heating plant, automatically-filled aggregate storage bins, individual sites of concrete block making machine, which issue requirements for manufacturing and transport of concrete to the system, may control the transport bucket, etc.). We supply a “black box” module to record all production (also for manual mixing), including statistical evaluation.

The system works with any MS Windows operating system (XP, Vista, Windows 7), and allows remote access and carrying out of service works or program changes via Internet from any place in the world.

It is also possible to supply an independent dispatch program for registration of production in older concrete plants with manual control.