Automatically-filled aggregate storage bins

We deliver automatically-filled aggregate storage bins, which belong among the most up-to date-technology for storage of aggregates. Such equipment guarantees a quality aggregate for concrete and is a basic presumption for year-round manufacture of even the best quality concrete mixtures. In comparison to classic hoppers filled by a wheel loader, the concrete plant with automatically-filled storage bins has much lower operational costs. Another advantage is the very small built up area and clean and safe operation.

The aggregates are stored automatically directly from lorries. Selection of individual fractions is either done by the attendance staff or the aggregates may be laid according to a bar code. The attendance staff may only scan the respective bar code with the bar code reader and the automatic machine will set the path to the correct fraction. The driver will load the aggregate down to the receiving hopper from which it is quickly delivered by belt transport to the storage bins.

For the transport of material in the storage bins, we use the so-called Z belt conveyor. This is a Flexowell type conveyor with side bellows and transoms, which allows a compact design of the aggregate storage bins, with a small built-up area.

We deliver conveyors with any number of fractions and size of individual fractions according to the customer's needs. Most usual configurations are 6 x 50 m³ or 6 x 100 m³. On request, we can also deliver a system for aggregate heating in the storage bins.